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Full Body Fat Burner Workout

Are you looking for a workout you can do at home? Be sure to check out this full body fat burner workout and get ready for serious fat loss! Do the warm up straight through completing each exercise for one minute. The first move in the actual workout is a squat followed by a series of other leg and glute exercises. We finish up with abs! Do each move in the workout for one minute, rest 10 to 20 seconds then repeat.

FORMAT: 1:00 minute each move or 0:45 seconds or 0:30 seconds each move for 2 rounds total

WARM UP: 1:00 Minute each move. Repeat each move 2 times before beginning the workout.

1) Air Jump Ropes  2) High Knee  3) Jumping Jacks


1) Squat: Sit back as if you were going to sit down keeping your weight back into the heels, pause then squeeze your glutes to come back up to standing position. Keep your chest lifted and your knees behind the toes.

2) Jump squat: Add small hops to the squats to activate even more calorie burning

3) Squat Lunge:

4) Split Lunge Jump:

5) In and Out Squat: Sit back into a squat position as deep as you can go. As you maintain that position jump in and out keeping your head level so there is no bopping up and down.

6) Barrier Jump:

WORKOUT: Full Body Fusion

7) Plank Squat Hold

8) Power Jumps

9) Body Drill 1

WORKOUT: Upper Body

10) Push Ups

11) Tricep Dips

12) Peck Deck Push Ups


13) Plank Reach

14) Sit and Hold

15) Leg Extensions

16) Single Leg Extend and Reach

17) Knee Push

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